How to plan a beach destination wedding in France

May 20, 2020 Off By Roberto Fuller

France is the third most visited country in the whole world. Did you know that? And if you are going to get married in one of the beautiful beaches in the country, then you are sure as lucky as winning the lottery. It’s a great thing!

Many would love to have their beach wedding destination in France. Aside from the beautiful view, a lot of people love French cuisine. The bread, the butter, the pastries, etc.  Everything is just so fresh and delicious.

Having a beach destination in France can be considered a mini-vacation for everyone. Visitors can enjoy crashing the waves and enjoy the stellar view after attending your wedding. They can also opt to take a short course from french language school if they decide to stay longer.  While a beach wedding can give you a beautiful view and amazing décor, you still need to plan for it very carefully so that you’ll be able to pull it off flawlessly.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. From organizing the catering service, choosing a bridal gown, hiring professional photographers, beach wedding presents another set of unique challenges. So here are some essential things that will help you plan for your perfect beach destination in France.

Consider Daytime Ceremony

The beach is one of the most exceptional locations for a wedding. However, experts advised that couple hold their ceremony during daylight hours. This is because the water from the beach goes dark and almost invisible when the sunlight disappears below the horizon.

Aside from the time, you should also wear sunscreen with SPF 50. It is a must as you don’t want to get sunburn on your wedding day.

When choosing flowers, pick those that can stand the heat and won’t easily wither. Some flowers that are recommended to use at beach weddings are calla, lilies, orchids, and succulents. S much as possible, do not use roses or hydrangeas because these types tend to wilt faster under the light of the sun.

Make sure your photographers are professionals and skilled. Professional photographers know how to take great photos and are able to produce a stunning picture and best shots.

Use a sound system

You may think that the ocean has a soothing sound. But what you don’t know is that they can be louder than you think. The sound from the waves, the wind and other noises can be noise and distract the ceremony. Bring in speakers and microphone that you can use. Since you may not find the power within 100 yards, you may opt to use speakers and microphone that are large battery operated. These are very good for this kind of situations. You can also bring a battery-powered generator. Honestly, high-quality generators are the only thing that is acceptable for beach ceremonies because they don’t create noise but still able to power a sound system.

Make it private

If you don’t want to be sharing the venue from other resort guests then it is best to rent the entire property on your wedding day. To make sure that there will be no other people who will be enjoying the beach on your wedding day, ask the resort to close the beach on the day of your wedding or at least on the whole duration of your wedding ceremony, if possible. Aim for an intimate wedding where you only have the people close to you witness the most special event of your life.

Prepare a wind plan

Rain can be a sort of concern for a beach wedding but it is really the wind that will cause much trouble. If the weather is windy, it can be sandy, noisy, chilly and it can probably destroy the good vibe of the ceremony.  Monitor the local conditions before your wedding day and prepare a backup plan in case the weather changes. It would be best if the resort has a backup venue just in case.

Dress accordingly

You can’t wear a ball gown for your beach wedding. You have to leave it out. You have to think light. Choose a lightweight fabric so your gown can flow in the ocean breeze. Full dress with long trains and lace trim can pick up debris from the beach and it might make you uncomfortable.

Also, do not wear high heels. Heels and sands just don’t go together. Wear flat sandals or wedge shoes that won’t sink into the sand. You can also go barefoot. Many do it nowadays. Just have an aisle runner that is made of fabric or thick petals to help you cool your feet because sand can get hot.

Hire an expert

If you have no idea where to start, hire people who already have experience working at a beach wedding. From planners, coordinators, make-up artists, photographers, sound technician, and anyone who you will be working with to ensure that your beach wedding destination will be an absolute best.