8 Gorgeous Flowers for Beach Weddings

August 23, 2019 Off By Roberto Fuller

There is no better feeling than walking down the aisle on a beach with waves rustling in the background and the blue sky covering the guests as a veil. Beach weddings are dreamy, and you can take it to the next level by having penrith florist decorate the wedding venue with gorgeous flowers. So, here are a few flowers that blend well in beach weddings.

1. Oriental lilies

They are called Queen of Flowers for a reason. These star-shaped flowers have large petals that are appropriate for beach weddings. Moreover, the sweet fragrance, along with the sound of the waves has an addictive feeling. Since they are available in a variety of colors, such as hot pink, yellow, white, and many more, you won’t have difficulty choose the best combination for the wedding.

2. Orchids

Orchids are perfect for weddings. Whether it is an indoor or beach wedding, orchids leave a long-lasting impression on everyone. If you can find the blue galaxy variant, everyone will admire the decoration of the venue more than the surroundings.

3. Pincushions

Those who want a colorful beach wedding should choose pin cushions. They compliment the sunny setting of the beach. Available in yellow, pink, red, and orange, these flowers can make the venue look extraordinary with the bluish-green sea behind.

4. Roses

When it comes to beach wedding flowers, there’s no substitute for roses. Using tropical flowers is common, but if you want something traditional, you should stick to roses. No matter which beach you are in, when you have roses, your venue will look gorgeous. Pick from white, baby pink, yellow, and a variety of colors that you think is suitable for a beach wedding.

5. King protea

This is also known as a dramatic show-stopper. Although it is a tropical flower, it gives tough competition to the other flowers. The fuzzy white texture and big, oval petals make a statement at these beautiful locations.

6. Birds of paradise

Another tropical flower that doesn’t disappoint at beach weddings, birds of paradise has an excellent combination of royal blue petals and orange and green stem. People say that birds of paradise represent faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and love the essentials of a perfect marriage.

7. Calla lilies

Calla lilies look like a wave on top of a stem. If you are searching for a perfect beach flower, there is nothing better than calla lilies. The larger bouquets are ideal for decorating the tables.

8. Anthurium

Beach weddings look incomplete if they don’t have tropical flowers like anthurium. The best part is, anthurium is a mix of beach florals that make the wedding venue look fabulous. The colorful, leafy blooms come in a variety of colors like fire engine red, purple grape, flamingo pink, and candy apple green.

Beach weddings are wonderful, especially if you can get the decorations correct. One of the essential parts of the decoration are flowers, and if you select from the ones mentioned above, your wedding venue will look heavenly. So, don’t think twice before choosing them as they are guaranteed success.